Fast and Delicious Walnut and Date Cookies

I’m dying to try these super fast and easy, gluten and sugar free walnut & date cookies! How gorgeous they look with that little chocolate chip on top!


Our friends were due over for a belated birthday celebration.  30 minutes before they arrived, I realized I had made my “trail mix” cookies (recipe to follow in another post) with almond butter.  My friend Rafa is allergic to almonds.  I almost died when I realized what I had done!   Quickly, I searched for another easy dessert recipe to whip up that wasn’t loaded with white sugar and butter and eggs and all that stuff I don’t normally have on hand.  I ran across a page torn from “Delicious Living” in my recipe binder.  Walnuts?  check.  Dates?  check.  Grapeseed oil?  check.  Vanilla extract?  check.  Cinnamon?  check.  Sea Salt?  Always!

Say hello to the 20 minute (start-to-finish) cookie that’s way tastier than you’d think:walnut cookies

Cinnamon-Walnut Cookies

Makes 10


1 Cup Walnuts (pieces, halves, whatever you’ve got) * variation below

9 pitted dates ( I used Deglet Noor dates…

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9 Responses to Fast and Delicious Walnut and Date Cookies

  1. No joke, I saw this post, I wanted something sweet and healthy-ish, ran upstairs, and 15 minutes later, these little bad boys are in the oven as I type. 🙂

  2. Gabriella says:

    YUM! I really need to try those!

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  4. Sophie33 says:

    Yummy, indeed! I also need to try these lovely cookies!

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