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Blood Orange and Avocado Salad with Garlic and Herb Croutons and Bruschetta Dressing

I’ve had a bad month of too many treats that have become a little more than treats. I had a little indulgence over Christmas which became ‘just one more day’, to become a whole month. Now as the month of … Continue reading

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Baked Mediterranean Sandwich

This is not two slices of bread, filled and baked. This is two layers of bread dough, filled with fresh, fragrant basil pesto and Mediterranean vegetables and baked like a calzone, in individual portions. This dough doesn’t need to rise … Continue reading

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Sprouted Seed and Radish Sandwich

This was no ordinary sandwich. A sandwich to remember. Crunchy, nutrient dense sprouted seeds, crisp lettuce, cool cucumber, peppery radish and sweet tomato encased in a creamy peppered mayonnaise between two slices of bread. Take 2 slices of your bread … Continue reading

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Tomato and Coconut Soup with Wholewheat Garlic, Oregano and Chili Bread

I know it’s almost June and to many (most) of you in the world it will seem crazy to be posting a recipe for a cozy, comforting soup with warm spiced bread. However, here in the South of England, we … Continue reading

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Moroccan Harissa and Sesame Quinoa Balls on Griddled Asparagus Salad with a Creamy Harissa Dressing

The first time I ate quinoa was one of the greatest ingredient discoveries of my life. It’s been said that the most delicious foods are often the worst for us or at least to be eaten in moderation. In many … Continue reading

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Rocket and Tomato Stuffed Mushrooms

These hearty stuffed mushrooms make a summer salad more substantial, luxurious and full of flavour. I hate a boring, plain salad of leaves alone, for me it needs robust textures and flavours entwined; herbs, spice, heat, lentils, grilled veg, and … Continue reading

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Crispy Spinach Rice Gratin

I first made this recipe pre-vegan as a light summer supper served with a vibrant salad. I’ve since adapted it to make it vegan friendly, which works surprisingly well using a powdered egg replacer (orgran, ener-g etc) or pureed tofu, … Continue reading

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Beetroot Potato Patties

Beetroot is one of those unsung heroes of the veg world. Trouble is, many of us have either had a bad experience with it or are so used to it coming in a jar that we think that’s as far … Continue reading

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So Simple Sausage Rolls

These are a delicious, easy and quick snack to make when you fancy something special and bad for you! Also would be great for a buffet or party instead of turning to frozen stuff and just as easy! Makes 6 … Continue reading

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