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The Best Garlic Bread and the New Zyliss Easy Pull!

I was slightly skeptical of this device, The Zyliss Easy Pull. I’ve had one of those small, manual mini choppers before and I’d sit there winding and winding and still end up with big chunks of onion, it was easier … Continue reading

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Where Do You Get Your Protein? Yeasted Pumpkin Seed Fruit Loaf.

The predictable question. After 18 years as a vegetarian, I am still plagued by this sequence of words on a regular basis. It’s actually quite shocking to think how little people know about sources of nutrition – especially those in … Continue reading

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Quick and Easy Avocado Mini Baguettes

I was going to introduce this recipe by telling you how much I love bread. But then I thought that would be silly, mundane at the very least, because really, what’s new?! Or there’s the cliche, ‘who doesn’t love bread?’. … Continue reading

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Sweet Potato Cinnamon Buns

Cinnamon scented foods are welcome in my home throughout the year. Mat and I are so fond of the warming spice that we always have some taste of it somewhere, whether it be a cookie or a curry. It is … Continue reading

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Potato Flat Bread

Inspired by my Gnocchi adventures of a few weeks ago, I got to thinking about potato dough and decided to try making an unleavened bread. I suppose they are really Irish potato farls disguised as round flat breads. The result … Continue reading

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Five Minute Flat breads – Fat Free.

I love flat breads and as someone who eats Indian food at home at least once a week, a good, quick flat bread recipe is a must. Furthermore, making your own flat breads is so much cleaner and greener. Supermarket … Continue reading

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Fresh Yeast Bread, 3 Ways: Sticky Banana Buns and Rustic Loaves

There’s little like fresh baked bread. I have an issue of buying way too much fresh yeast when I find it and end up with a freezer with more yeast blocks than food. Or I have a bread bake-a-thon and … Continue reading

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Baked Mediterranean Sandwich

This is not two slices of bread, filled and baked. This is two layers of bread dough, filled with fresh, fragrant basil pesto and Mediterranean vegetables and baked like a calzone, in individual portions. This dough doesn’t need to rise … Continue reading

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Sprouted Seed and Radish Sandwich

This was no ordinary sandwich. A sandwich to remember. Crunchy, nutrient dense sprouted seeds, crisp lettuce, cool cucumber, peppery radish and sweet tomato encased in a creamy peppered mayonnaise between two slices of bread. Take 2 slices of your bread … Continue reading

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Tomato and Coconut Soup with Wholewheat Garlic, Oregano and Chili Bread

I know it’s almost June and to many (most) of you in the world it will seem crazy to be posting a recipe for a cozy, comforting soup with warm spiced bread. However, here in the South of England, we … Continue reading

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