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Airy Fairy Chocolate Mousse and a Natvia Stevia Natural Sweetener Giveaway!

    Have you heard? The brine from a can of chickpeas, you know the stuff you drain off, makes the most amazing vegan meringue or whipped egg white substitute. This French derived discovery made global by one Goose Wohlt, … Continue reading

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Two Ingredient Chocolate Pots

Although lately my chocolate needs are being satisfied, delightfully, by cocoa laced smoothies disguised as Jaffa Cake or gloriously laden with peanut butter and banana, there is still a much required place in my recipe repertoire for a rich and … Continue reading

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White Chocolate Glazed Beetroot and Fig Bars

These gloriously pink bars are akin to a blondie in texture – moist and fudgy with jammy bursts of fig laced throughout and a subtle background of fragrant coconut. The beetroot flavour doesn’t come through but adds this wonderful pink … Continue reading

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Wonderful Nuts Review and Raw Chocolate Salted Almond Tart

I was thrilled to receive a generous parcel of Wonderful Pistachios and Almonds to review last week. Nuts are a huge part of my diet, I use them in savoury dishes such as curries, in sweet desserts like layered mousse … Continue reading

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Steamed Pumpkin and Raisin Pudding

A Great British traditional steamed pudding is simply a wonderful thing. For many of us, it is the ultimate comfort dessert, a dense, sweet, sponge with a generous helping of custard. I adore steamed puddings, especially jam roly poly or … Continue reading

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The vote is now open! Virtual Vegan Potluck November 2013

The vote for your favourite dish of each course which participated in the VVP last week is now open until 2nd December! Anyone can vote, whether you participated or not, whether you are a blogger or not, vegan or not, … Continue reading

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Virtual Vegan Potluck – Layered Coconut Mousse with Chocolate Brownie and Caramelised Nuts

Welcome Potluckers! I am so excited to the participating in the Virtual Vegan Potluck for the second time! The May potluck was such fun, I had a PJ day, and did nothing but scroll through the potluck, ogling delicious vegan … Continue reading

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Baked Nutty Pumpkin and Orange Cheesecake

I fell head over heels for sweet pumpkin this year. I have long been betrothed to squash in it’s savoury guise. Squash and sage are one of my all time favourite flavour combinations, making a simple risotto of even the … Continue reading

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Sweet Potato Cinnamon Buns

Cinnamon scented foods are welcome in my home throughout the year. Mat and I are so fond of the warming spice that we always have some taste of it somewhere, whether it be a cookie or a curry. It is … Continue reading

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Marzipan Pancakes with Blackberry Syrup

I still have a nice store of blackberries in the freezer that I’m enjoying adding to things all the time. There’s still plenty more on the bushes in the garden, but I think I’ll bypass my greedy urges and leave … Continue reading

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