Creamy Peach Breakfast Smoothie from Vegan in 15

Creamy Peach Breakfast #Smoothie from #Vegan in 15

I’ve been away for a while, taking a bit of an unannounced break to focus on my health treatment and studies. I’m happy to be back and sharing an amazing recipe from an amazing book, Vegan in 15 by Kate Ford.

Creamy Peach Breakfast #Smoothie from #Vegan in 15

This book is both for the keen, creative cook and the in a hurry and hungry. Small serving recipes are perfect for singles and couples and the recipes can easily be doubled for larger crowds.

Creamy Peach Breakfast #Smoothie from #Vegan in 15

The use of shortcut ingredients is celebrated. And rightly so. There is a time for peeling and mincing fresh garlic and a time for reaching for a jar where somebody has done the hard work for you. Of course, if you feel like preparing everything from fresh then why not! Ready prepared jarred, frozen or canned ingredients can be a godsend and the difference between having a home cooked meal or junk food because, let’s face it, sometimes chopping an onion is just too much effort.Harissa chickpeas

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The recipes in this book are enticing, simple and healthy. There is influence of cuisine from all over the world as well as essential recipes based on well known dishes. There are no strange or hard to get ingredients, just a wealth of recipes to make the ordinary and everyday ingredients into extraordinary meals with little fuss. What’s not to love?Portobello Mushroom Stroganoff

This is a great book for new vegans who will benefit from approachable, delicious recipes using familiar ingredients that all the family will love.

Cabbage, Tofu and Sesame Noodles #vegan

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Creamy #pasta with mushroom and white wine sauce #vegan

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This Creamy Peach Breakfast Smoothie tastes decadent like dessert yet is the perfect breakfast. It’s really filling and perfect for those hot days when you don’t feel like eating a meal. For best results, use a high speed blender to get the most creamy blended oats. I use the Optimum G2.3 blender and love it (there’s a summer sale on now!).

Creamy Peach Breakfast #Smoothie from #Vegan in 15

Creamy Peach Breakfast Smoothie from Vegan in 15 by Kate Ford

Reprinted with permission.

Serves 1

Fruity smoothies are such a great way to start the day – packing in a good proportion of your five-a-day quota.

I always add oats to my smoothies as I like a thicker consistency and find they keep me full for longer. A handful of almonds provides a great protein boost.  If you have ground flax or chia seeds to hand, their omega-oils will turn this into a super-smoothie!


1 peach

1 banana

3 tbsp oats

2 tbsp whole almonds

250ml dairy-free milk (I use almond)

1 tsp ground flax or chia seeds (optional)



1.     Remove the stone from the peach, (no need to peel), and peel the banana.

2.     Place all the ingredients into a blender and blitz until completely smooth, (this will take 45-60 seconds on high speed).  Pour into a glass and enjoy.


Creamy Peach Breakfast #Smoothie from #Vegan in 15

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