The Polls Are Open for the Virtual Vegan Potluck 2014 – Let the Voting Begin!

What an incredible Potluck that was, with so much delicious food and drink to peruse and bookmark and to be inspired by. Lots of new ‘faces’ and many seasoned Potluckers from all over the globe came together on December 13th in an incredible virtual event which just oozes love and support within the online vegan and blogging communities besides the scrumptious food porn.

Now it’s time to continue showing that love and for YOU to VOTE! Whether you participated, read along or are here for the first time (you should totally check it out), you are now tasked with the affectionate job of voting for your favourite dish in each course plus the Featured Ingredient (citrus).

The winner in each course will receive some incredible prizes including NuNaturals stevia products, Kathy Hester’s latest cookbook, OATrageous Oatmeals (or another cookbook if the winner already has it), and a VVP t-shirt!

So get out your votes and show some love to the hard working, talented bloggers out there!

thank you

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